Restrictive covenants

Business contacts, customers, suppliers and employees are all key to the success of an organisation. It is therefore essential to the overall success of a business to protect staff, customers and know-how from walking out of the door when an employee leaves. We are experts in advising businesses how to draft covenants at the start of the employment relationship or introduce covenants during employment.

Restricting an employee’s future activities is an area which can lead to significant conflict, after employment has ended. Ed and his team are experienced in advising businesses on the enforceability of post-termination restrictions contained within contracts of employment. We also use the protected conversation and settlement agreement process in order to introduce covenants or amend existing covenants if they are outdated.

Restrictive covenants can be used in many different types of contracts of employment. Covenants can be included in director service agreements, fixed term employment contracts and employment contracts for senior employees. We advise Human Resources in respect of employment contracts and board directors about the service agreements.

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