Keynote speaker

Ed is an experienced event speaker, regularly speaking to businesses of all sizes in a corporate environment and also within the education sector.

Ed is neurodiverse with a diagnosis of ADHD and dyslexia, which he received later in life. Ed’s neurodiverse diagnosis came after he had achieved considerable recognition for his ability as an employment law expert, including being recognised as a leader in the field of employment law for 10 consecutive years. 

Ed shares his personal story of misdiagnosis over a 20-yer period, he shares strategies for coping with serious invisible impairments and how he stumbled across clarity after two decades of medical doctors drawing blanks. He also talks about the stigma, both internal and external, plus his experience of the education system. 

Ed’s talk is inspirational and will leave people in no doubt that neurodiverse individuals can also be high achievers.

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