Employee advice on settlement agreements

We have a huge amount of experience advising employees on settlement agreements. We have a proven track record advising individuals on the terms and effect of a settlement agreement, whilst negotiating improved key settlement agreement terms.

If you need an employment law expert to advise you on the terms of your settlement agreement and to provide you with employment contract advice, look no further.

It is a stressful process for employees and Human Resources teams are normally in place to support the employer rather than the employee. We will guide an employee who is going through a difficult termination process with their employer and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

We will review the contract of employment and advise on the UK labour rights which an employer is asking you to compromise. We can also advise you on the enforceability of post-termination restrictions contained in your current employment contract and if you are being asked to enter into new ones, we guide you through what this means for you. We understand and empathise with our clients during what is a difficult and daunting time.

If instructed to, we can advise whether you may have a better outcome if you started an employment tribunal claim against your former employer rather than accepted the terms of the settlement agreement.

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