Contracts of employment, policies and company handbook

Whether you are a new startup business needing advice on contracts of employment and templates to use in the future, or if you are an established employer who has not had their contracts reviewed for some time, we are able to guide you through your legal obligations. Employment contract advice is something we have decades of experience advising on.

The contract of employment is an important document which contains all of the key information holding together the employment relationship. This information includes notice rights, shift patterns, start dates and pay information. They also include post-termination restrictions where appropriate.

If an employer receives a letter of resignation, the employer should go back to the contract of employment and determine how the company will deal with the letter of resignation. Important information in respect of notice rights and rights in respect of restrictive covenants will be dealt with in the employment contract.

We undertake human recourse health checks. This involves working with businesses of all sizes to review their existing contractual arrangements and updating them where necessary. We will also review the company handbook and offer advice on all policies and procedures which an employer needs to ensure that it is legally compliant. We effectively undertake a risk assessment for our clients and ensure that the client has in place the minimum legal documentation necessary in order to defend itself in the future.

It is key that the contractual documentation reflects the reality of the relationship. Employment status is a significant issue for our clients and we work closely with businesses to ensure that the people they engage are working under the right contractual arrangement. If a claim is brought by an employee, a tribunal will always start by looking at the contract of employment.

If you are looking for a fixed term employment contract, a standard employment contract, a director service agreement, a worker agreement or a consultancy agreement, we will can prepare this for you.

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