Defending an employment tribunal

We are experienced in the employment tribunal process with claims involving unfair dismissal and breaches of the Equality Act 2010 being the most common.

Ed personally has 20 years' experience as an advocate in the tribunal, plus all associated employment tribunal preparation. Ed and his team have acted across the country defending claims over the last 20 years, with success from London to Newcastle and Liverpool to Hull.

We are experts in employment tribunal litigation, whether an employer is facing a claim of unfair dismissal, discrimination arising from the Equality Act 2010, equal pay, harassment, breach of contract, constructive unfair dismissal or claims arising out of collective bargaining, TUPE or redundancy.

Whether a conflict has arisen during employment or a claim has been received after employment has ended, we will advise and support you through the entire employment tribunal process. This includes from the employment tribunal claim form being received, drafting witness statements, preparing documents for disclosure and dealing with ACAS throughout.

We have an established relationship with a number of ACAS conciliators and Ed and his team are confident that they can reach the right result.

More details of our fees can be found here https://gunnercooke.com/employment-tribunal-individuals-fee-structure/

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