Our guest on Episode 14 is Ed Jenneson - a leading UK Employment Lawyer and Partner at GunnerCooke. The focus in this episode is a theme that has come up repeatedly in season one, and in our group support circles and in our community, and that is the need forneurodivergent affirming and inclusive workplaces.

Workplaces that feel safe places in which to self-disclose and request adjustments. Because without psychologically safe workplaces, we mask, and masking leads to burnout, and burnout massively affects our mental health. 

We chose Ed to come on because he is a leader in the field of employment law, has a particular interest in the Equality Act, specifically hidden disabilities and neurodivergent cases, and works for one of the fastest growing Law firms in the UK.

Ed is also late discovered, diagnosed 3 years ago with ADHD and two years ago with dyslexia, and he speaks publicly about his experience, as well as talking about the legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace. Ed acts for employers and employees and is therefore used to using the Equality Act as both a sword or a shield, depending on his client.

The first half of this interview features Ed his own late discovery story, and in the second halfwe ask Ed the questions that our community members asked us to ask Ed, we talk everything from reasonable adjustments, self-advocacy, self-disclosure in the workplace, bullying, tribunals, the role of HR, and what neurodiversity affirming looks like and who is getting it right,with Ed drawing extensively on his insights and experiences in the cases he has led.

This episode is a must listen for anyone who is neurodivergent, and for employers, and HR professionals to learn from, and feel empowered to create inclusive cultures and to lead the change needed to ensure more neurodivergent affirming workplaces where we can thrive.

Listen to the Podcast here

The Late Discovered Club

The Late Discovered Club is a podcast that gives late discovered autistic women and marginalized genders a voice. We bring you real life self-discovery stories, and compassionate conversations with some truly incredible women and people.

Created and hosted by Psychotherapist Catherine Asta whose own self discovery came at 42, with the behind the scenes technical expertise coming from her eldest daughter Caty Ava.

In each episode Catherine will be exploring real and empowering stories of late discovered autistic women and people from all walks of life - through an intersectional lens - helping to deconstruct stereotypes, and giving the next generation visibility.